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Membership Plans & Options

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What is a Corporate Membership with Living Harvest? A Corporate Membership allows your enterprise to grow living produce right at your physical location. We install and maintain your own aeroponic/hydroponic towers onsite. We also provide the training and guidance necessary to grow and maintain your living produce throughout the term of your membership. 


A corporate membership offers an innovative and valuable perk to employees. Your company can show its support for green, sustainable farming while offering your employees free fruits and vegetables grown on site.   


consist of an actual share in the Terrace Farm. Each tower produces 44 living plants. There are approximately 11 harvests per year resulting in locally grown, living produce harvested for your business year round.

  1. Approximate costs for a membership are determined by the amount of harvests you require each month.

  2. As a Living Harvest member, The Terrace Foundation will provide custom growing to suit your needs and either deliver you living produce or you will be able to come to harvest right from the farm with our farm team.

  3. The cost of your produce may be slightly higher than wholesale, but the difference is a tax-deductible expense. For example, if the wholesale price is $.90, and you pay $1.25, then 35% of your expense is a tax- deductible expense. In other words, 35% of your membership fee can be written off as a donation to charity.

  4. The Terrace Farm will provide ongoing support and notifications about your towers and what is available when the season changes.

  5. The Terrace Foundation will include your business on the donors and membership in our social media, signage, events and websites.

  6. Living produce is far superior than anything available on the market and we have a variety of ways to feature and convey this to your customers with tabletop ad, attractive signage at entrances and even a working tower with living produce in a prominent location in your business establishment.