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Membership Plans & Options

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  1. Purchase your own personal tower(s) for home use! Includes one high tower, nutrients, pump and 28 seedlings of your choice. Average yearly crop yield = 1,120 to 2,000 ozs. Total cost: $543.00 through JP Tower Division (payment plan available).

  2. Become a Living Harvest member ($50.00 per month or $600 per year tax deductible).

  3. Notify The Terrace Foundation of delivery to your home.

  4. Schedule the setup and initial planting of your tower (included with your membership).

Living Harvest members receive:

  1. Free consultation from our farm team via phone and online.

  2. Replacement seedlings as needed.

  3. Member's Pass to the Terrace Farm.

  4. Four (4) site visits to your home per year.

  5. The Terrace Foundation newsletter.

  6. Tax-Donation receipt from our Nonprofit.

  7. A Living Harvest Paradise Project support sticker.