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John Jeffries

Founder & Chairman

John Jeffries is the Chairman/Founder and visionary of The Terrace Foundation where John leads, develops and creates programs to benefit our seniors, persons with disabilities and families of low income throughout Santa Barbara County.


John is personally responsible for acquiring over 10 Million dollars for the benefit of the general public through grants and the negotiated sale of Pilgrim Terrace Homes here in Santa Barbara, California.

John was a Certified Management Agent for the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for over 20 years and supervised over 30 properties from San Diego to San Francisco and as far east as Denver, Colorado, while in the employment of the second largest management firm on the west coast.

Prior to becoming a Certified Management Agent for HUD, John worked to develop humanitarian relief programs in Africa, the Philippines and the USA through various government agencies and economic engineers to meet the guidelines of recovery and repatriation of stolen US assets from over 134 accounts worldwide.

John was a vocalist for many years and enjoyed working with Gold Star Studios, Capital Records, Roberta Lynn, Summer of 42 Orchestra, Bobby Helms, Merle Haggard and performed in many venues in Nevada, Texas, Mississippi, and Japan. John owned NASHVILLE MOON PRODUCTIONS in Las Vegas, Nevada. 


John has been married to Teresa Jeffries for 28 years and they have 5 adult children, 14 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren.


Manny Ayala

Executive Director

As Executive Director, Manny Ayala oversees the day-to-day operations of the foundation. This includes articulating the vision, mission, theory of change, statement of need, and overall strategy and direction of the organization to board members and staff.


Ayala directly oversees all fundraising activities, including solicitations of major donors and foundations, and creates the conditions for fundraising success within the organization.


He is responsible for the management oversight of the foundation including the development and support of the board of directors, financial and budgetary management, operations and technology, programs and advocacy, community relations and communications, and compliance with all laws and regulations.


Ayala has nearly three decades of knowledge, expertise and passion for management excellence. Before joining The Terrace Foundation, he honed his expertise in management by owning, operating and consulting in a multitude of high-level capacities in the hospitality sector where he consistently delivered outcomes that exceeded expectations.


Teresa Jeffries

Human Resources Director

Teresa Jeffries is an intricate creative partner in forming The Terrace Foundation with her husband John Jeffries Chair/Founder. She has worked at Pilgrim Terrace Cooperative Homes, a HUD subsidized property, as a Property Coordinator and Human Resources Director for 13 years.

Through her adult work history, she has owned and operated her own private and commercial cleaning business, worked in the hospitality field at a large hotel/casino, an administrative assistant for a sports wholesaler, was a full charge manager for the 2nd largest management on the west coast, and worked scheduling/human resources for a local home health care agency here in Santa Barbara.

She and her husband John have been married for over 28 years. Together they have 5 adult children, 14 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren.

She is passionate in her career choice as it allows her to help others through nutrition and sustainability. Her most precious moments are when she can spend time with her family.