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Membership Programs

What does a membership mean to you?

You purchase a membership based on your current produce expenditures and

you receive living produce delivered.

You are donating to our current nonprofit program which makes your donation a tax- deductible expense.

As a member you receive the goodwill of community and the highest quality produce available in today's market place. Participants will also share in the Marketing, Pubic Service Announcement info and website information on the Pilgrim Terrace Cooperative Homes website and will include the mention of your business name and the .com link to your business as a contributor.


There are a limited number of memberships available so you need to act now. Help your community feed those who can not afford your restaurant and receive a possible tax-deduction in the process. You are already at the mercy of crop failures and shortages of available supplies. Our aeroponic/hydroponic garden towers are the safest way to insure a healthy crop month-after-month whether it is lettuce, micro greens or other specialty items, it is living produce, not freshly cut harvested produce. You cannot get fresher than that. 


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Urban Farm at Pilgrim Terrace has created a sustainable revenue stream with a membership produce program.  With the purpose of supplying high quality aeroponic/hydroponic living produce to restaurants with an emphasis on creating an environment that produces living produce and creates a community hub around people taking control of there food supply and eating very high quality and local produce.  Pilgrim Terrace Cooperative Homes has also created a hub for the Senior Community in Santa Barbara through education and donation to other Senior facilities and food distribution nonprofits.

Membership Options

Choose the right Membership Plan for you or your family/business/organization - Click here