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Community Supported Agriculture

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Aeroponic/Hydroponic  Gardens - Urban Farms

Paradise is defined as an ideal or idyllic place or state. The Terrace Foundation's 'Paradise Project'     ...    is setting up vertical aeroponic/hydroponic farms at community service providers all over Santa Barbara County to help bring nutritious farm-fresh living produce to low-income residents, seniors, and disabled members in our community. The Terrace Foundation helps secure grants for 10-tower aeroponic/hydroponic farms to nonprofit community service providers and offers farming expertise, training and educational programs to help ensure a bountiful harvest!


Community Service Benefits

With produce generated from their tower gardens, community service providers can not only feed their program recipients healthy, nutrient-rich whole foods at low cost, but can also donate surplus fresh produce to other organizations who distribute food to people in need.  Community service providers can raise funds by offering up fresh produce as incentives for donations. In addition, by partnering with local restaurants and fine produce outlets, through tax-deductible donations and memberships, service providers can begin to develop a sustainable income source, making them self-reliant and less dependent on government subsidies. All while providing their donors and members with farm fresh living produce. 

Community Service Agriculture

The Living Harvest Paradise Project is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program that was developed with the following objectives in mind:


•  To provide access to nutritional, fresh produce and vegetables for low-income residents, seniors, and the disabled in our community

•  To create sustainable income sources so that our local non-profits can be self-reliant (and not dependent on government subsidies).

•  To donate surplus fresh produce to food distribution organizations

The project is supported by restaurants and individuals in the community who make donations to The Terrace Foundation on a monthly basis, and in return, receive a share of our farm's harvest.

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