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Leading The Way for Non-Profits

In 2017, Pilgrim Terrace founded The Terrace Foundation.  Together, they are now working to set up pilot farms throughout Santa Barbara County, and are mentoring other nonprofit service providers on how to follow their model to achieve self-reliance.

The Terrace Foundation is the first in Santa Barbara County to use Aeroponic/Hydroponic Tower Garden Technology to improve nutrition in the nonprofit, public sector.  Through creative efforts such as The Living Harvest Paradise Project, a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program, the Terrace Foundation not only provides nutritional, fresh living produce to their low-income residents and others, but also donates surplus fresh produce to food distribution organizations. The Terrace Foundation and their flagship farm has been so successful, not only are they self-sustaining, but they are now able to give back to the community! 

Aeroponic/Hydroponic Farms

The Terrace Foundation is setting up vertical aeroponic/hydroponic farms at community service providers all over Santa Barbara County to help bring nutritious farm-fresh living produce to low-income residents, seniors, and disabled members in our community.


The Terrace Foundation grants 10-tower aeroponic/hydroponic farms to nonprofit community service providers and offers farming expertise, training and educational programs to help ensure a bountiful harvest! 

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