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Tower Garden Facts

Our Tower Gardens use air, sun and water to grow our produce. They take up less space, making them more conducive to urban farming. Research has shown that Tower Gardens require 70-90 percent less water than traditional farms. Up to 44 plants can grow in just one tower, which can feed 2 to 4 ounces of fruits and vegetables to 160 people; the USDA recommended daily serving.

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Our towers are vertical aeroponic/hydroponic systems with a 20 gallon reservoir base.  Nutrient-rich water is pumped from the bottom of the reservoir to the top where is collects in a shower cap and cascades around the outside to water the roots and facilitate plant growth. The roots are suspended in air and require no soil. It takes 5-8 weeks for a plant to go from seedling stage to maturity. Succession planting every 2 weeks ensures that there are almost always plants ready to harvest.