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The Terrace Foundation is dedicated to helping local nonprofits and service providers take control of their food supply and create sustainable income sources that will help lead to self-sufficiency.  The Terrace Foundation will help anyone who is interested in duplicating our model to seek out available grants specifically for vertical growing towers and we will offer the farming expertise, training and educational programs you need to be a successful farmer.

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Urban Farming

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Our urban farm utilizes Tower Gardens that offer a healthy way to grow nutritious living produce and the harvesting of bountiful crops. As urban farming operators, we regularly utilize our living harvest for the sustainability of our low-income senior housing facility. With the bounty and surplus of vegetables we harvest, we share into the community to promote better health and nutrition access. We also offer training and education programs so others in the community can create their own urban farms, with our help.

In the spirit of daily nutrition for our valued residents and community outreach, we are currently serving 120 meals per day to our residents (free of charge) and their guests ($7.00 suggested donation) with healthy Entrees and LIVE PRODUCE.

Low Cost Senior Housing


The program was designed for a nonprofit to hold the property in trust. Pilgrim Terrace Cooperative Homes (PTCH) was the nonprofit who served as a management oversight entity. PTCH has always been governed by resident volunteers and selected members of the Santa Barbara Community who serve on the Board of Directors.

In order to facilitate the rehabilitation and to provide for the 55-year preservation of low-income housing, PTCH entered into a partnership with Reiner Communities.

The partnership secured tax-exempt bonds and tax credits in order to pay off the existing HUD mortgage, acquire the property and perform the rehabilitation. Reiner Communities now manages the housing element allowing PTCH the freedom to offer full time social services to our residents and the entire Santa Barbara Community through networking with other non profits.

April of 2015

This partnership included a five-million-dollar renovation for each residential unit and the entire Santa Barbara Community through networking with other nonprofits.